Breeding Program

We choose to breed American Pit Bull Terriers for two reasons:

1) To share the great love we have for this amazing breed that is in danger due to ignorance, poor breeding in the past, and the misunderstanding of people that have never had the pleasure of owning/knowing an amazing American Pit Bull Terrier!

2) To better the breed and ensure that a good quality APBT is around to be shared with generations to come.

At GPSK, we strive to produce beautiful, head turning dogs that exceed all expectations and everyone can take pride in owning. Our main goal is to produce a conformationaly correct APBT with the following characteristics:

- Excellent health
- Excellent temperament
- High intelligence level
- Loyalty to its owner(s)
- Desire to work and please
- Slightly above average bone and head size (but not over done)
- An over all beautiful look

We feel all of the dogs we produce will have these traits, therefore producing the perfect show dog/loyal family pet!

GPSK feels that the standards of the APBT have strayed too far away from the original foundation bloodlines of the "working" dog with the new "bully style" pit bulls. Although they may look cool, an APBT is not an APBT if it's desire to work, desire to please his/her owner, and/or great temperament isn't there! This is why we WILL NOT breed any dog that we feel does not hold these critical traits!

We carefully hand pick each and every dog we use in our breeding program based on the following genetic qualities:

  - Temperament
- Drive
- Intelligence
  - Athleticism
- Build
- Beauty

Some other aspects of our breeding program that we feel are extremely important are the dog's diet and socialization.

The socialization of any/all dogs is extremely important! This is why all of our dogs/puppies are hand raised in our home with us 24/7. Some of the ways we socialize our dogs and puppies are frequent trips to the dog park, pet store, etc., and having as many of our friends and family come play with the dogs as often and early as possible. As long as these practices are continued through out a dogs life, they will always be the most liked and cherished member of the family!

A dog's diet is essential to the health and appearance of a dog. We feed and recommend Royal Canin and/or Eukanuba dog foods. There are other good types of food out there, but these are the foods that we have the best experiences with. The main things to look for when choosing a quality food is a high protein formula for active dogs, a low corn content, low fat content, and a good brand name. A good quality food ensures that the dog will have a beautiful coat, nice form, and keep their muscles looking great!